Invezz’s global expansion is set to skyrocket with addition of six new languages

Following a year of incredible growth, Invezz has fast-tracked plans to make the website accessible to millions more readers across the world and help them make better investment decisions.

The addition of six new languages is set to take Invezz’s operations into Asia for the first time and dramatically increase its audience across Europe and South America.

The website’s exceptional success in Sweden over the last two years has prompted Invezz to expand its service across Scandinavia. Readers can now find industry-leading investment advice and up-to-the minute financial news in Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian.

German content has accounted for nearly 20% of Invezz’s traffic since the language was introduced in 2019. That success has prompted further expansion into mainland Europe, so that the site can now be read in Polish and Portuguese. A Portuguese language site also brings financial freedom closer to more than 200 million people in Brazil.

Along with South America, Invezz has made its first foray into Asia by introducing Malaysian content to the website. This is only the beginning of Invezz’s international plans; with at least a further six languages scheduled to be introduced throughout 2022 to help people in all corners of the globe spend their money wisely.

Invezz is owned by Investoo Group, one of the largest financial lead generation companies in the world. David Merry, CEO of Investoo Group, had this to say about the new languages:

“This massive international expansion is another step towards making financial freedom achievable for everyone. Our goal has always been to simplify the world of finance and help everyday people generate the best returns on their money. We’re proud to launch Danish, Norwegian, Finish, Polish, Portuguese and Malaysian sites well ahead of our original language roll-out schedule. 

Adding these six new languages means that more than half a billion more people will be able to access our financial news, analysis, and educational content. It’s the next step in our growing challenge to the established voices in the financial space.

We expect to add six additional languages in the next few months to cement Invezz as a truly global brand. It’s the next step in our mission to make investing easy for everyone, wherever they are in the world.”

 Invezz is a financial comparison website that offers simple advice to help people use their money wisely. It offers easy-to-follow guides, educational courses, and product reviews, along with industry-leading news and market analysis.


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