Investoo staff take part in charity lockdown quizzes

In the face of the two national lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the team at Investoo Group have looked to find innovative ways to continue the company’s regular charitable social events.

With the help of bespoke software coded by the company’s technology department, the company has successfully held all-staff quizzes that have resulted in donations to no less than 7 local, national and international charities.

On each occasion the charities were selected by Investoo employees from the winning quiz teams.

David Merry, CEO and Chairman, said: “We’ve always found high engagement from our employees when it comes to charitable social events and we are delighted to have raised money for all of these charities.

“Allowing members of the team to play an active role in selecting which charities we donate to has also added a personal touch and certainly raised awareness of causes that might otherwise go under the radar”.

You can find out more and donate to all of the charities we have supported during lockdown by visiting their websites:


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